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About Us

Sult® Wear, Covered in Sult®.

Sult® Wear was created by a kiwi chick in Hamilton with a vision and a dream.

I have started my own label here in Hamilton NZ to cater mainly for the ladies, called "Sult® Wear, Covered in Sult®". You go to the beach or for a run and you end up covered in salt from the beach or from your sweat, hence the name...

You see, in the last year and a half I have lost and kept off 25kgs , I came to a point where if I got any bigger I wouldn't be able to fit any of my labelled clothing.Everytime I went shopping I noticed ladies/girls sitting outside these labelled shops as they knew there wasn't anything in there for them in their size and this really did bother me.

This is where I come into play, I want all ladies to feel they can order affordable clothing from a "cool" surfy label, to me, size shouldn't matter.

To start I am selling Caps, hats, singlets and t-shirts to get my name out there before I can get my own designs made and out on the market.

Please help me, and all the ladies out there, where size shouldn't matter :)

Much Love xo


Sizing available:  

  •  Ladies, 8-16/18, XS-2XL.
  •  Gents, S-2XL. 

Clothing available:

Singlets, Tshirts, caps, hats, shoe bags, tote bags, beach bags, kiwi bags. With exciting new products coming soon!! Including: Hoodies, pants, shorts and dresses.


Sult® Wear is privately owned by a kiwi chick in New Zealand, where it all happens..


Sult® is a trade mark name approved and verified on the 1st of August 2014.